A Stripper Shoes Guide Ready for the Stage!

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Whether you perform for an audience of one or you headline the bill at a popular gentlemen’s club, nobody has to tell you that the shoes you wear are an important part of the show. Imagine for a minute that you throw on a pair of hiking boots instead of stilettos.

You’d neither look nor feel like the sexy woman who’s not shy about getting as much attention as possible on the stage and in her personal life. This seven-tip tutorial is a must-read if you never met a pole you couldn’t climb, ‘cause in the right pair of shoes, you’ll stand out big time!

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Size matters

Dance veterans recommend wearing six-inch heels fitted with a sexy ankle strap to hold the shoes snuggly in place if you’re new to the exotic dance scene, because even a one-inch difference between a six- and a seven-inch stiletto looks erotic, adds confidence and improves performances when a girl is literally and figuratively first getting her footing.

Nobody watching you move is going to stand up and yell, “Hey, that’s a six-inch heel!” They’ll be too busy scanning at your moves atop those boots or six-inch light up stripper shoes.

Material girl

Those plastic clear stripper shoes look fabulous in the catalog and even better on your feet, but that doesn’t mean that they’re ready to hit the stage right out of the box. Exotic dancers in the know recommend using a hair dryer to mold plastic shoes to the feet before wearing them for the first time to avoid a variety of problems, including chafing, blisters and injuries brought on by hard plastic edges.

Think of your foot as a nice piece of ham requiring a snug shrink wrap as you use the dryer to coax those clear stripper shoes into shapes that cradle your feet and only your feet.

Bottoms up

Nobody has to tell you that the soles of new sexy stripper shoes are slippery, so don’t take those spike-heeled boots to the dance floor until you’ve roughed them up a bit. Take your lead from ballerinas: rub your shoe soles in resin, the chalky compound that keeps the Swan Queen from falling into a lake in mid-pirouette during Swan Lake.

You can also rub new shoe soles on concrete to scuff up the smooth surface or invest in new products on the market—grips, treadies, etc.–designed to keep both exotic dancers and ordinary women wearing sexy shoes from taking a dive.

Be choosy

The fashion police won’t show up to criticize your choices, but if you’re going to invest hard-earned money in the right sexy stripper shoes, make sure you choose the colors that sparkle and flash onstage and coordinate with your on-stage wardrobe. If your G-strings, peekaboo bras and little bits of costumes are mostly in the red spectrum, avoid green shoes unless it’s Christmas, you perform in an elf get-up and you have gifts to give.

Red stripper shoes and black stripper shoes are always in style, but if your dance moves require you to expose your shoes to a rugged stage that makes scuffs stand out under the lights, avoid white and stick to darker colors. A pair of light up stripper shoes? They go with everything–especially at Christmas!

What’s your SSQ?

Are you so flush that price is no object when you add a new pair of kicks to your wardrobe, or are you like the rest of us—on a budget? Time to assess your Strippers Shoe Quotient so you get more bang for your buck. Shop online discount stripper shoes resources–like eBay and Amazon Prime to snap up cheap stripper shoes that won’t require you to land a second gig to pay for them. Alternately, sleuth out wholesale stripper shoes online.

Quantities and sizes could rain on your parade, but it’s worth your while to shop at discounters because most cheap stripper shoes look exactly like the ones with the heart-stopping price tags.

Need somethin’ special?

Let’s say you’ve got a shoe size issue or you require a shoe that would never wind up on eBay—where should you go? To online retailers like Upscale Shoes  where you can even find a 10-inch heel capable of turning you into a Nordic princess, Sinful Shoes stocking up to a size 14 shoe plus an awesome collection of see-thru, flashing (battery driven) and embellished shoes. You’ll have to wade through some plain Janes to spot the exotic dancer shoes in the ShiekhShoes library, but you’ll love the deals and discounts.

Why do you need stripper shoes?

First, would your mother want you walking around barefoot on a stage that’s been known to collect beer, wine, sweat and substances we are too refined to mention here? Of course not. But the real reason you want stripper shoes on your feet has to do with the impression you make from the moment you slither out from behind the curtain and start to strut your stuff.

The right shoes will stabilize your body as you execute your most erotic moves and you’ll assume an air of pure sex when parading around the stage or revolving around that pole. A great pair of stilettos has even been known to increase tips!

In Conclusion

Will the right pair of stripper shoes guarantee you a star on the Pole Dancer’s Hall of Fame? Not exactly. Dance training, lots of practice, the right costumes–and most of all, your confidence– separate amateurs from exotic dancers who have taken the time to master their craft.

In the end, no pair of shoes—no matter how trendy or hot—will keep you moving gracefully through your routines if you’re not in great shape to begin with, but with the right pair of hot stripper shoes on your feet, you’re going to get the attention you seek. Guaranteed.

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