Welcome to Spiel Shoes.

This is a site that explores shoes in their variety of brands, colors, styles.
It focuses on shoes that play a part in our daily lives whether for recreation, style, special occasions, or general everyday wear. We also look into some of the accessories that come with keeping them in good condition.


These are the shoes that can save our feet from injury when we are being active in our free time. They can also aid our performance in whatever activity we choose to do in our spare time.


Knowing what shoes are out there will better equip you to decide what you will wear when heading out on the town or just for a casual trip out. We will also explore various brands for some insight into adding some “tools” to your style arsenal.


For those special moments, these are the shoes that we wear on those occasions that are worth remembering time & time again. For weddings, formal dances & others, look to here for the tips on all things formal.


Shoes that accompany us with our everyday tasks, whether for work or school, these shoes are the work horses that will be discussed here. In addition we will cover some of the physical ailments & conditions that can be helped with specialized footwear.


All the bits & bobs for our shoes such as storage, shoe care, adjustments & enhancements will be found here. Including tips & tricks from around the web.

We will endeavor to be as helpful & informative as we can so please check back here often to see what’s new.
If there are any suggestions or tips you may have feel free to contact me at contact@spielshoes.com

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