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casual shoes for men

Casual shoes are characterized by the common elements of informality and comfort.
For men who wear suits to the office, casual shoes are best categorized as weekend attire. In many workplaces, casual shoes are appropriate.

If a majority of your colleagues wear khakis or jeans to work paired with loafers, athletic shoes or similar styles, you can safely assume it’s OK for you to dress similarly. For students, casual shoes can be worn every day.

Casual shoes are never appropriate for formal events. For dressy occasions, it’s better to choose suitable dress shoes or formal shoes.

Casual shoes are characterized by the common elements of informality and comfort.

Best Casual Shoes for Men

There are many different factors affecting which casual shoes could be considered “the best.” This will depend on your preferences, current fashion trends, the occasion, your social situation, and the brands, colors and fabrications of the shoes themselves. We offer the following suggestions for shoe brands and styles that are some of the most popular in the current marketplace.

Shoe Brands


Nike is one of the powerhouse athletic shoe brands that has developed a strong following.

Nike produces dedicated athletic shoes for every sport imaginable, including basketball, running, football, baseball, soccer, golf, tennis, walking, cross training and others. Nike outfits many pro athletes and athletic teams, and their reputation for quality is legendary.

Nike’s iconic swoosh logo is recognizable worldwide. Guys of all ages wear casual Nike shoes for men; there are sizes available for everyone, including kids, teens and adults.


Adidas is another athletic shoe brand that’s enjoyed long-standing popularity in the marketplace.


Converse sells quirky, fun athletic shoes that sometimes feature interesting graphic design work. It’s typical to find Converse sneakers adorned with cartoon characters, geometric patterns or scenes from nature. Solid color styles are available as well. These shoes also typically include a logo bearing the words “Converse All Stars,” which includes the brand’s famous star logo.

Converse sneakers come in both low-top and high-top styles.


The Sketchers shoe brand appeals to urbanites who live the active lifestyle. Fans include skateboarders, surfers and beachgoers, among others.

Shoe Styles

Casual Dress Shoes

Casual dress shoes are less formal than traditional lace-up dress shoes of the type that are designed to be worn with suits or formal wear. Casual dress shoes can work well paired with trousers plus sport jackets, polo shirts, or button down shirts.

Business Casual Shoes

Business casual shoe

A business casual men’s shoe is typically a leather shoe that could not otherwise be considered an athletic shoe. Synthetic and other fabrications are also possible and acceptable, as long as the shoes look like they are of comparable quality to leather. Avoid wearing sandals in social situations where the dress code requires business casual attire.

Mens’ Loafers

Mens’ loafers are the ultimate business casual shoe. They’re ideal for accessorizing business casual wardrobe staples such as khakis, polo shirts and button down shirts. Depending on your personal style, loafers are also great to wear on weekends and out on dates. When shopping for loafers, Topsiders are a leading brand to look for.

Mens’ Tennis Shoes

The definition of “tennis shoes” can change, depending where you’re located in the USA. In some parts of the country, tennis shoes are literally shoes you’d wear when playing tennis. In other parts of the country, people use the phrase to describe the general category of athletic shoes. In either case, Nike and Adidas make great tennis shoes.

Slip on Shoes for Men Casual

Casual slip-on shoes can range from business casual to really informal. At the informal end, there are slip-on canvas shoes and sandals suitable for wearing to the beach. Many business casual styles, including loafers, can be categorized as slip on shoes.

Shoe Fabrications

Casual Leather Shoes for Men

Leather is the standard fabrication for casual shoes. Possible variations include suede and nubuck.

Best Colors for Mens’ Casual Shoes


Black shoes are a must for wearing with black or dark gray bottoms. They’re also appropriate for wearing with a variety of other colors.


Brown shoes pair well with khakis and other outfits in the “warm” color family. Wear them with bottoms that are brown, camel-colored, beige or similar.


White is a color that’s typically reserved for sneakers and athletic shoes. White is a fantastic color choice for tennis shoes, running shoes, basketball shoes and similar styles.

What to Wear With Casual Shoes

Casual Shoes With Jeans

Casual shoes are the best choice for wearing with jeans; you want to avoid pairing jeans with styles that are too formal. Loafers, sneakers, slip-ons and sandals can all be excellent matches for wearing with jeans.

Casual Shoes With Khakis

Khakis are a bit dressier than jeans, but you don’t need to wear dress shoes with them. Khakis pair well with loafers and other business casual shoes for men.

Casual Shoes With Shorts

Shorts pair well with a wide variety of different shoe styles, including athletic shoes, tennis shoes, slip-ons, and sandals.

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