Choosing The Right Driving Shoes For Your Feet

driving shoes

Driving shoes are not reserved for drivers with posh sports cars, and driving shoes are not intended only for driving a car with a manual transmission.

The perception of driving shoes for men and women has been shaped by decades of sports cars and driving gloves, but even a soccer mom on her way to school can use driving shoes for her own comfort.

This article explores womens driving shoes, mens driving shoes and how to properly shop for your next pair.

Racing Shoes

Racing shoes are slightly different from driving shoes, but they are constructed using similar principles.

Adidas driving shoes and Piloti driving shoes are designed like sneakers. These shoes are intended for racing drivers who need protection for their ankles. The legs of your racing suit fit into your shoes, and the shoes are made from sturdy materials.

A driving shoe is much more delicate than a racing shoe, but racing shoes can be just as comfortable.

What Makes A Shoe A Driving Shoe?

A driving shoe’s trademark is its outsole. The outsole of a driving shoe creeps on the heel of the shoe, and the outsole does not end until it reaches the edge of the heel.

The coverage provided by the outsole makes sliding your foot from one pedal to another simple.

The traction provided by the extended outsole helps you keep your foot in one place for long drives, and you may plant your left foot between the brake and clutch pedal.

A traditional shoe will slide when you plant your heel, but the extended outsole on your driving shoes prevents slippage.

Will Your Driving Shoes Serve You Outside The Car?

Driving shoes are often mistaken for casual loafers, and you may wear your driving shoes as loafers with your casual clothing.

The calm style of most driving shoes allows you to wear them in casual settings at the office on Friday, when you are out with friends on the weekend of with your summer clothing.

Replace your boat shoes with driving shoes, and you will have a casual shoe for all occasions.

Which Style Should You Choose?

The vast majority of driving shoes have a smooth outsole that mimics the outsole on your other shoes.

Driving shoes have rubber outsoles that move continuously from one end of the shoe to the other, but there are driving shoes that use rubber nibs instead of a flat outsole.

The rubber nibs give you more flexibility when you change gears, and the nibs are more durable than a traditional outsole.

Tods driving shoes and Cole Haan driving shoes are designed with rubber nibs that help improve your flexibility, and there are Prada driving shoes made in the same style.

The rubber nibs look more traditional, but a flat outsole feels just like your other shoes. You may not prefer the feeling of rubber nibs under your feet, but you will get use to the nibs the more you wear them.

Which Material Do You Use?

Leather driving shoes and suede driving shoes feel completely different. A leather driving shoe has a fairly stiff upper that will hold up to repeated use, but a suede driving shoe has a soft upper that will instantly conform to your foot.

Womens driving shoes are often made from suede to provide a softer feel, and mens driving shoes tend to come in leather. You may choose suede driving shoes when you are in a climate that is moderate, but you should choose leather driving shoes if you want shoe that will look appropriate in an office environment.

The driving shoes women wear should offer the most comfort for the money, and a suede pair often helps ladies slip on their shoes before running out of the house. A woman who works in an office can pair her suede drivers with a nice skirt, but a man in an office must pair his leather drivers with his work slacks.

Who Makes The Best Driving Shoes?

Tods and Cole-Haan make the best driving shoes in the world today. Cole-Haan uses the same comfort technology found in athletic shoes, and Tods has been the gold standard in driving shoes for over 100 years.

You will spend a fair amount of money on each pair of shoes, and these brands will hold up to repeated use in the car. You will forget how much you have paid for your drivers, and you will have drivers everyone loves to look at.

Do You Need Driving Shoes?

You may not think that you need driving shoes for your car, but you will realize what you have been missing when you put on you first pair.

Driving shoes that fit your feet properly will feel no less comfortable than a pair of sandals, but you can control your car perfectly in your shoes. One pair of drivers will stay with you for decades before they must be replaced.

In Conclusion

Driving shoes are a necessity on the road today, and you will feel the difference when you press the pedals in your car for the first time.

Every pair of driving shoes you own will take you from the car, to your office and out to eat easily. Driving shoes match all your casual outfits, and you may choose a leather pair to wear at the office when you come back from your latest drive.

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