Finding The Right Squash Shoes For Your Feet

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The game of squash may not be familiar to you, or you may not understand the sort of shoes that must be used when you are playing the game.

Squash is a game that requires a lot of lateral movement, and the shoes that you play the game in are designed for easy movement on the surface. Mens squash shoes and womens squash shoes are remarkably similar, but you must choose a manufacturer that will fit your feet properly.

This article explores how you may choose from several prominent brands that will catch your interest.


Fitting Your Shoes Properly

Buying shoes can be a terrible experience for anyone who does not have much experience fitting or buying shoes. You must try on every pair of shoes you like, and you must try several different sizes.

The game of squash by itself requires you to be light on your feet, and you cannot be light on your feet if you are uncomfortable.

Each shoe should feel as though it gives you a little slip inside the shoe. A shoe that fits you too tightly will give you a blister the moment you start playing, but a shoe that is too loose could come off your foot during a match.

It is better for your to balance the fit before making a purchase.

The Movement Of The Shoe

You must be able to feel the court under your feet when you are playing, and the flat outsole provides that feel. Any shoe that feels too thick must be discarded in favor of another shoe, and you must try shoes until you feel as though you have found the one pair that fits you the best.

Walk in the shoes to ensure that they move on your feet as you thought they would. Some shoes do not provide enough slip for your style of play, and other shoes will be too slippery for your liking. You do not want to spend the whole match on the ground after a fall.

You may change the way the shoes move on your feet by adjusting the laces, and shoes from companies like Nike provide much more in the way of lace adjustment. The laces are much higher on the shoes, and you can tighten the shoes until they are ready for your next match.

Some Squash Shoe Brands

Nike Squash Shoes

Nike makes some of the best shoes for many different sports, and their squash shoes use technology from other Nike products. The best squash shoes have a flat outsole that allows you to glide on the surface, but the shoes must be built like cross trainers.

The cross training technology in each shoe helps you move from side to side without a problem, but the flat outsole gives you freedom to slide on the surface as you go. Nikes are durable, and they are built better than any other brand.

Dunlop And Prince Squash Shoes

Prince and Dunlop squash shoes are designed in the same style as the Nike shoes, but these shoes are made without the cross training technology from Nike. Prince and Dunlop are known for making shoes that work perfectly on the tennis court, and their shoes for squash are not different.

You likely play other games where these shoes are readily available, and your familiarity with the name will help you choose these shoes quickly. You may stick with Dunlop and Prince when you want to stay with something that feels natural on your feet.

Adidas And Asics Squash Shoes

Adidas is known for its indoor soccer shoes that are designed in much the same way as their squash shoes, and you may wear Adidas squash shoes knowing that you get the same flat outsole on other brands.

The Asics brand provides a bit more comfort technology derived from their running shoes, and you may go with their shoes when you feel that you need more support on the court.

Hi Tec Squash Shoes

Hi Tec makes wonderful shoes for playing squash or any other racquet-based game, but you must choose these shoes when you are sure that you need as much support as you can get in your arches.

You will feel the support under your feet as you glide across the surface, and you will notice that the shoes support your ankles more than any other shoe on this list. You must decide whether you want ankle support or not, and these shoes will provide the support you have been looking for.

Purchasing Online

You may purchase your squash shoes online, but you must try on the shoes before you leave the house with them. A savvy shopper will try the shoes on in the house or only on the court before making a decision.

You cannot afford to scuff the outsoles of the shoes if you want to return them, and you may give them each a test drive before keeping the pair you wish to use.

Shopping for squash shoes can be quite a harrowing experience, but you can make the process much easier when you are looking in the right places. Using the steps in this article will help you choose from the many brands on the market, select shoes that you like online and test them for yourself.

Fitting your shoes in the proper manner will help you play the best game of squash you can.

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