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In preparation of your most special day.

Oh, weddings! Why does preparing for the most beautiful celebration of your love (and life) have to be so stressful sometimes? From selecting and purchasing the wedding dress to the wedding cake to the specific type of flowers, there is so much to consider.

Well, I have good news for you. Today I’ll help you check one thing off your to-do list by explaining to you the different types, brands and colors that are available for girls flower girl shoes.

With one less thing checked off your seemingly endless wedding to-do list, you will be one step closer to marrying the love of your life with a big smile on both of your faces. So, let’s get started!

So, what are Flower Girl Shoes?

The bride picks out her shoes, the groom picks out his, but the next thing on the list is for the bride and groom to select shoes for their flower girl or girls.

Little girls love the privilege of being personally selected to help out on your wedding day, but they will love it even more if they get to look fabulous while doing so.

Have you ever seen a little girl so proud of her fancy shoes that she just cannot stop staring at them? The good news is, we can make that happen for your flower girl or girls with our flower girl shoes blog column.

Different styles for different aisles.

You would think that picking out toddler flower girl shoes would be limiting, but it is definitely not!

Like shopping for adult wedding shoes, there are a plethora of options for flower girl shoes.

For a more casual look, there are gladiator sandals that would be perfect for an outdoors summer wedding or a whimsical wedding at the beach. Often, a small artificial flower is attached to the top of each sandal to achieve the flower girl’s desired look.

If price is a factor, a slipper style flower girl shoe could be the best option for you–and possibly the most comfortable option for your flower girl! In comparison to other shoe styles, this style is typically your best option for cheap flower girl shoes.

This is because of both the style and fabric. However, if you are looking for fancier flower girl dress shoes, many stores and brands even offer a small heel for little girls.

If the bride is wearing high heels with her wedding dress, little heels for the flower girl would make the two of them coordinate in the cutest way imaginable.

Additionally, your sweet, little flower girl will love feeling like a grown up in her own little pair of high heeled shoes.

Shoes for every color of the rainbow.

Want the classic white flower girl shoes or the sophisticated ivory flower girl shoes? You are in luck! But you do not have to feel like you are limited to those traditional colors.

That is because flower girl shoes come in every color of the rainbow. There are silver flower girl shoes, gold flower girl shoes, pink flower girl shoes, purple flower girl shoes, red flower girl shoes, sparkly flower girl shoes, and even dyeable flower girl shoes!

If you are curious about what exactly dyeable flower girl shoes are, they are flower girl shoes that are sold in white.

From there, you can bring them into bridal stores, such as David’s Bridal, and they will dye the shoes any color you want to have for your flower girl.

In conclusion, if you want your flower girl or flower girls’ shoes to match the flowers in the bouquets or even the bridesmaids dresses, you are free to explore your options.

Just pick the color you want, and there will certainly be that specific color available in stores or online.

Popular brands.

There are many popular brands of flower girl shoes. When shopping for flower girl shoes, often the first place we think to look are at widely known bridal shops like David’s Bridal.

But yet again, you do not need to stop there. For example, the online store Etsy offers several unique flower girl shoes that you most likely will not find elsewhere in store.

The brand Nina offers several colors and styles of high-quality flower girl shoes. Since Nina shoes are sold in adult sizes, as well, you could buy uniform shoes for the entire bridal party.

Another place to find flower girl dresses and shoes is by shopping online at Nordstrom under the Flower Girl category.

Finally, if you are not having luck elsewhere, you can always type specifically what you would like to find into your search engine and order what you like best online from there.


A big Congratulations on your upcoming special day. I wish you the best of luck finding the perfect shoes for your perfect little flower girl/girls!

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