Italian Shoes: The Cadillac of Footwear!

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Italian shoes are legendary. Italy has long been a leader in the fashion industry, as anyone even remotely interested in fashion (and quality) is well aware.

Brands such as Prada and Gucci, to name but a few, immediately evoke images of impeccable taste and incomparable quality. Italy’s reputation in the world of high fashion and high quality footwear is well deserved.

Italian brands have come to be synonymous with quality and elegance.

Bontoni Brera, Excelsior, De Curtis

History of Shoe Making in Italy

Italian shoemakers, known as cordwainers, have been practicing their craft for centuries. Cordwainers differ from cobblers in that cobblers are essentially involved in shoe repair, as opposed to shoe making itself. As was the case in other countries, shoe making originated in small villages.

Shoes were made by hand, and the cordwainer was highly adept at using whatever materials were at hand. Over time, he became a true master of his craft, constructing shoes for the entire village.italian shoemaker

Italians have been working with leather for thousands of years. They have succeeded in developing a treatment process that results in leather which is not only of superb quality, but truly a thing of beauty.

Italian leather footwear was largely unknown to the world until after World War I. With peace at least temporarily restored, the world was ready to refocus its collective attention and appetites.

Italian pioneers in the shoe making industry were more than happy to share their artistry with the world. They ensured that the Italian shoes making industry got world-wide exposure.

Moreover, Italian craftsmen were willing and able to adapt to global changes in taste and demand, all without sacrificing one iota of the quality for which they are known.

Why Handmade Italian Shoes are Unique

Italian cordwainers have always held themselves to a high standard of excellence in the construction of Italian made shoes. Unique to Italy was an equal focus on the use of the best in quality materials.

Other countries resorted to inferior materials as a means of cost savings and increased production capabilities. Happily for the world, Italy did not. Italian craftsmen were and are very selective in their choice of hides.

Only the best are accepted, and quality checks are conducted continually during the manufacturing process. Add that to Italy’s historically-proven expertise, and it is easy to see why Italy leads the world in the footwear industry.

Florence is particularly renowned for its high-quality leather. The fashion houses of Milan use Italian leather almost exclusively.

How to Get the Best (Italian) Bang for Your Bucks

Put simply, you cannot go wrong with Italian leather. Their high standards of artistry, the high quality dyes and chemicals used, and the insistence on only the best in leather hides with which to ply their shoe-making craft all combine to make Italian leather shoes the best money can buy.

There are also several made-to-measure lines which are the epitome in luxury footwear.

The Most Popular Styles

Dress shoes are the front runners (no pun intended) in Italian shoes. Italian shoes for women come in a wide variety of beautiful styles, from extremely dressy to casual.

Mens Italian dress shoes are without equal in the industry. Italian mens shoes of any style are well worth the price.

Italian womens shoes, added to practically any style of dress, creates an elegant fashion statement. Italian dress shoes are absolutely the best.

The Best Brands of Italian Shoes

Salvatore Ferragamo offers several superb lines of Italian dress shoes. Among the best Italian shoes for men are brands like Prada, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana, to name a few.

Giuseppe Zanotti is a top brand for women, along with Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. There are many options for purchasing Italian shoes online. Scarosso offers online sales, as does Sergio Rossi. There are many others.

They are easy to find, and many offer discount prices and/or free shipping. Italian designer shoes are also available online, complete with competitive pricing and reasonable (or free) shipping.

In Conclusion

Italian shoes are not only the best quality footwear money can buy, but they add a touch of elegance to practically anything and everything else you may choose to wear.

They can be had for reasonable prices. They’re classy. They’re comfortable. They’re made to last. They are readily available at brand name shoe stores everywhere.

They are also readily (and reasonably) available online. There are an abundance of styles to choose from to suit every need, from very casual to the utmost in dressy elegance.

They’re also status symbols, for those who care about such things. Italian leather is without equal. Any item of footwear, any of the myriad number of accessory items such as handbags, etc. are made with utmost attention to quality and style.

Italian-made leather products are truly world-class.

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