Nursing Shoes for the Medical Professional

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Nursing Shoes Can Make A Fashion Statement And Still Be Comfortable

You have seen them in movies and on television wearing the latest styles and fashions. Yet is it practical? What are the reasons for a particular type of shoe? Medical professionals still prefer the traditional white nursing shoes.

They make a fashion statement and convey the cleanliness of the area they work in. They are also cheaper to take care of and buy. Most medical professionals will tell you that the reason they still wear white shoes is the image of purity and cleanliness they convey to their patients.

Nursing Shoes

There are other reasons to pick a particular nursing shoe. Nurses and other medical professionals work in an environment where there are a lot of potentially toxic chemicals and waste products. Contaminated blood and other biohazards can be spotted easily and cleaned off with white leather that is resistant to stains.

Like most arduous occupations, nurses and other medical professionals need shoes that are sturdy enough to resist the pressure of bending, lifting and moving objects. Nursing shoes should also be slip resistant and have good arch support.

So does someone going into the medical profession have choices when it comes to footwear? Yes. Not everyone wears the traditional white oxfords anymore. Fashion trends in footwear have had an influence on what medical professionals wear. This actually has always been the case. At one time in the past nurses were well recognized by the uniform and the shoes they wore.

White uniforms and shoes meant that the nurse graduated from nursing school and was ready to enter into the nursing profession. Nowadays the fashion scene has changed. Men and women wear a variety of nursing shoes that fit their particular occupation or work area.

Best Nursing Shoes

In arguably the best nursing shoes are shoes that are extremely supportive in the arches and are very durable to all kinds of biohazards. Nurses go through a lot in their 12 hour shifts. The worst thing that could happen is the nurse shoes falling apart at the seams. Fit is very important. Shoes that fit awkwardly or rub a particular spot won’t last long.

The types of nursing shoes can also vary according to the working environment. Pretty multi-colored clogs can be worn in a children’s ward, whereas strong leather oxfords are probably best when working near a potential toxic environment. Consequently comfortable sneakers are the acceptable footwear for ICU and ER nurses. Nurse shoes do actually come in different styles that make their own fashion statement.

Nursing and Medical Professional Styles

The nursing style you choose quite often depends on the dress code at your hospital or nursing facility. Some hospitals and nursing facilities encourage their nurses to choose their own style as long as the shoe meets safety and comfort standards.

It also depends on your work environment. For example, if you are generally working in an environment that doesn’t expose you to potential biohazards on a daily basis; you may be able to wear clogs. If, on the other hand, you deal with potential biohazards on a daily basis; you probably would be better off wearing a sturdier kind of shoe like the traditional oxfords.

Nursing shoes for women have changed as often as fashion styles have changed with some notable exceptions. Newly minted nurses often are required to wear the traditional white shoes over the newer black and multi-colored shoes.

Nursing shoe clogs are a recent addition to the nursing style. Their comfortable fit and open back are said to effectively relieve pressure points on the foot. Slip on shoes offers an ideal way to avoid having to tie shoes and risk contamination. Men’s nursing shoe styles haven’t changed that much. It is important to note that men haven’t been in the nursing profession as long as women have. Mens nursing shoes often reflect a tiny bit on what doctors and other medical professionals wear with some differences.

Brands of Nursing Shoes

You definitely want to choose comfortable nursing shoes that fit you and your budget. There are some good choices in both the style and the type of shoe you need. So let’s look at the most popular:


Timberland nursing shoes are known for their durability. They stand by their product to ensure that they are the most comfortable and durable product you’ll ever own or your money back. Their Anti-Fatigue Technology covers pressure points in the midsole and provides almost instant relief of back, knee and ankle pain. Fit and style is what makes timberland shoes the shoe to buy.


Dansko offers a wide variety of colorful nursing shoes. Dansko nursing shoes are frequently the first white leather nursing shoes a graduate wears when he/she gets out of school. Dansko nurse shoes clogs are quite popular with their colorful array of styles.


Alegria is a newcomer in professional nursing shoes. Alegria nursing shoes are more suitable for medical professionals that are not exposed to potentially hazardous materials. Alegria has a wide selection of clogs, slip-ons and sneakers in a variety of styles.

In conclusion

The important thing to remember when choosing the right nursing shoe for you is comfort. The prettiest style shoe that is uncomfortable to wear will be a complete waste of money. Shoe styles have changed for nurses and other medical professionals. They are not required to wear the traditional heavy leather oxfords of yesterday. In fact, lightweight durable shoes are your best bet. That being said, clogs are probably the most popular style of nursing shoe available on the market today.

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