School Shoes to start the first day off right!

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The first day of school is about to start, parents have their children dressed and ready only to find that last year’s school shoes no longer fit.

In a rampaging rush, the kids search the closets until they are sent to school wearing old sneakers and ragged bunny slippers.

In order to avoid this first day of school catastrophe, make sure to purchase some new kids school shoes that welcome the school year with shining feet.

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School Shoes for Private vs. Public schools

When it comes to private versus public schools, one thing remains the same and that is that black school shoes are the best way to go.

With private schools, it is best to stick to more formal styles, such as the buckled girl’s shoes and clean-cut black tennis shoes offered by Clarks’ school shoes or the shoe company Next.

Next school shoes, as well as Clarks, offer several clean-cut styles that include Velcro, buckles, laces and slip-ons and both companies are sure to fit with any formal uniform that a private school may offer.

Public schools tend to be looser with what kind of footwear is allowed. While regular footwear is okay for later in the year, it is still best to choose black school shoes for the first day as well as school days hosting more formal events.

Lelli Kelly school shoes offer a wide variety of styles that can be a little more fun than the traditional school shoe.

Things such as heart keychain zippers, bows, high-top sneakers and a little bling are all offered, offering plenty of fun choices for school shoes for girls.

Kickers school shoes also offers a wide variety of black shoes as well as boots, which can be great school shoes for boys. Both Lelli Kelly and Kickers make fun, yet clean-cut back to school shoes available for any student.

What to Keep in Mind

When looking for the right pair of shoes, parents should keep their child’s personality in mind as well as what they are involved in.

Back to school shoes should be bought to last. So, if a child is involved in sports, parents should make sure they have durable shoes that are good for running.

If a child is more into writing or art, they can own a pair of nicer shoes that parents will not have to worry about getting wrecked on the first day.

Another thing to keep in mind is purchasing their child more than one pair of shoes for different school activities throughout the day.

Common Styles

The most common styles for girls school shoes are straps or buckles that go over the foot with accents such as bows and flowers.

Boys school shoes lean more towards slip-on sneakers, laces and boots. Girls school shoes often appear shinier while boys school shoes tend to be a softer form of black.

What to Consider

When shopping for shoes, parents should make sure they know any rules or regulations their child’s school has when it comes to a dress code.

They should also be aware of what school uniforms look like in order to purchase shoes that match their child’s wardrobe.

If a child does not have to wear a formal uniform, parents should be aware of what style of clothing their children wear on a regular basis.

If parents want to mix up colors, Lelli Kelly school shoes does offer other color options such as red, purple and brown. When considering color options, keep in mind that dark colors tend to look far more sophisticated and tend to go with a larger amount of clothing.

In conclusion

Every child deserves to look and feel great on the first day of school and all throughout the year. Shoes may be small, but they can certainly get the school year started off on the right foot.

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