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Being someone who owns a sizeable collection of shoes, one can image the state of my closet at the best of times. Being neat & organized is not how I could be described. After nearly breaking my neck by tripping over my collection of shoes, it was time to solve this problem (my life had started to depend on it).

Almost Made It #1

Building a huge pile of shoes at the bottom of my closet just wasn’t going to cut it, after all these are shoes & they would get damaged & worn if they were to be piled on top of one another. Shoe racks are the answer & as you’ll see, there are a large varied array of different styles, sizes etc. that are available that should suit any shoe storage space.

What are shoe racks?

They are an efficient way to store one’s own prized collection of shoes. Being made in various different metals, woods & fabrics there are kinds made for most storage purposes. Whether it’s a steel rack for the bottom of the closet, a fabric over-the-door organizer or a full purpose cabinet there should be no reason for any pair of shoes to become damaged from lying on the floor.

Having a shoe rack in the entryway to one’s home can be excellent for those who prefer guests to not bring in any dirt from outside or to scuff the flooring.

Types of shoe racks for closets

Fabric Shoe Racks

Fabric Shoe Racks
Being the most cost effective type of shoe rack the fabric kinds are generally crafted to be an over-the-door solution. This is particularly ideal for dorm rooms or if your closet just simply cannot accommodate steel or wooden shoe racks. An added bonus feature is that it cannot only be used to store shoes, but other items as well such as toiletries, hair products and other personal items. Having color options to choose from just adds to their appeal.

Steel Shoe Racks

Steel Shoe Racks
Built for simplistic function & made in an array of different metals, these racks are ideal for those who seek a quick & easy solution for shoe storage racks. They are commonly available in either chrome metal, stainless steel, brushed steel & silver coated steel to name a few.

Plastic Shoe Racks

Plastic Shoe Racks
These are a good solution for water shoes & shower shoes along with your regular shoes. They are easy to keep clean by simply wiping them down with a damp/wet cloth, no need to worry about how it will affect any finish or rust! Some brands that allow the shelving to be interchangeable or switched out makes it easier for the larger styles of shoes such as boots.

Wooden Shoe Racks

Wooden Shoe Racks
Classic & elegant in their design, a wooden shoe rack is an option for those who don’t mind a somewhat costly solution to their shoe storage needs. Although if you still prefer wood, a cost saving alternative would be racks made with bamboo.

Some recommended Brands:


A really good collection of cost effective shoe rack options are provided here. They provide linen & steel over-the-door solutions as well as a chrome steel 50 pair tower rack.

Seville Classics

Their resin slatted shoe rack has removable panels which can also interlock with some of their other units which frees you to build your own custom storage solution.


Makers of the Smart Carousel Organizer which can hang in your closet along with the rest of your coats & things. It also has a rotating function allowing you to store more shoes & other toiletries.


An impressive collection of various offerings with items like the the revolving shoe tree & the pop-open stacking shoe tubes. A few bamboo racks are also on offer along with a chrome frame canvas rack.


An interesting range of shoe storage here, mainly consisting of fabric dustproof closets. These closets will help in covering up your collection keeping them un-viewable leaving the bedroom looking neat. With them being made of fabric this will ensure that they can easily be cleaned.

Hokku Designs

These wooden shoe cabinets look truly elegant, but have the price to match. Their lovely contemporary Rupee shoe cabinet is luxurious with its playful cutout design. One of their other offerings would look right at home in the lounge.

In conclusion

I have only touched on a few of what is to offer out there. Rest assured whether you need a simple stainless steel shoe rack to hold 4 pairs of shoes or a mega large cabinet, over-the-door rack to hold 30+ pairs of shoes, the solutions are out there. I hope I have made your decision easier or at least given some insight as to what there is on offer.

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