Special Occasion Shoes for that Memorable Event

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You’ve Got the Dress So Now What?

There’s nothing like a new pair of shoes to make a girl feel like raising the roof.

Special occasions are opportunities to wear an outfit and shoes that say, “Look at me!” Deciding what aspect of your personality you want people to remember means choosing the right combination that gives off your unique vibe.

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You’ll see womens special occasion shoes at weddings and engagement parties, military balls and fundraisers, cruises and holiday parties.

Girls will opt for something new to wear at proms, homecomings, Sweet 16 parties, bat mitzfahs and Quinceanera celebrations.

Whenever you attend formal and semi formal events, you will see the “Wow Factor” on the feet of the ladies.

No Rules for Special Occasion Shoes

Since shoes are your most important accessory, you can choose a pair that compliment your dress or that make their own statement.

If the shoes are being shown off, you should consider a simpler gown. Too many messages encourage the eye to wander.

Make sure your gown just reaches the floor with the shoes on. Consider adjusting the hem if the shoes are a must-have.

Less complicated styles can have another life if they can be paired with a work suit or dress.

That red pump that was striking with a strapless number will bring poise to your power suit. Feeling pulled together adds confidence.


Metallics are so popular that you’ll find them in all heel heights, from spikes to flats.

Gold special occasion shoes and silver special occasion shoes look great with black, but they are an eye-catching neutral, too.

Metallic sandals with lots of embellishment on the straps get noticed. Pumps with designs in metallic threads are show stoppers, too.

You’ll get less mileage out of a metallic than a more plain shoe, but you see metallic shoes with low heels or less bling at more casual events and clubbing.

Special occasion shoes in silver can also fill in for white to add an additional touch of glamor to a wedding gown. Remember to coordinate your jewelry with your shoe selection.

One Family

The monochromatic look is still sizzling hot. Matching dresses with special occasion shoes and bags make a statement.

Staying in the same color family will make for a long, lean look. You don’t need to have an exact match, just tones in the same family that work together.

If you are having trouble pulling the look off, dyed-to-match shoes and purses are out there. Even though they are used mainly for wedding parties, don’t let that slow you down.

Your midnight blue gown will turn heads with a satin purse and shoes in the same color. Bridal stores, Nordstrom and even Payless carry accessories that can be dyed and know the process.

Everything Old Is New Again

Maybe a vintage look is more your taste. The TV show Mad Men, has brought back the popularity of 1960’s skin tight cocktail dresses and crinoline skirts.

Even the mermaid gown has made a comeback. Look for colored pumps and peep toe pumps to finish this look.

D’orsay pumps, with the instep side or both sides of the shoe cut out, were as desirable in the 60’s as they are now.

The straight sheath, popular in the Roaring 20’s of Downton Abbey, can be very flattering. Beautiful beading and sheer materials are elegant.

Special occasion shoes showcasing low heels were more popular then. Pointed toe shoes will feel vintage, but sandals will work, too. There’s no requirement to be “period correct,” however.

So if you like a higher heel, try to keep it kitten-style which is boxier and cut in in the middle. Don’t forget your opera gloves.

Young Flowers Girls

Special occasion shoes often mirror the ladies, but with a lower heel. It takes some skill to walk in heels, so it’s better to break into this more slowly than to break an ankle and ruin a Sweet 16 party.

There are so many special occasion shoes with a low heel that narrowing down the choices will still be difficult.

You’ll be grateful when you can dance all night and maintain that sophisticated look you’ve spent so much effort in achieving.

Make It Memorable For the Right Reasons

The event is here. Your dress is killer. You’ve chosen a beautiful pair of shoes and made sure they fit well.

Now, break the shoes in a little by bending them across the ball of the foot. Rough up the bottoms with sand paper or walking on cement.

If your feet begin to slide down into the front, leaving a gap in the back, you probably need a small pad in the front under the ball of your foot.

This will hold your foot back and maintain a comfortable fit, not to mention a stunning profile. Special occasion shoes for women are the partners to bring your outfit from “Nice dress.” to, “She’s got style!”

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