The Best Parkour Shoes For Free Running The Street

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Choosing the best parkour shoes is absolutely necessary when you hit the streets. The city streets and structures in your area are great places to practice parkour, but you cannot practice parkour in unsafe shoes. Shoes for parkour must have a certain amount of grip, and good parkour shoes do not fit you too tightly.

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This article explores how to purchase the right shoes for parkour, which brands will work best for you and how to choose between the different brand offerings. Each suggestion will help you find the right pair of shoes for your feet.

How Much Grip Do You Need?

The best shoes for Parkour will grip the ground and all flat services as you run, and each shoe must have a pretty substantial outsole. The outsoles of your parkour shoes will offer a good bit of grip, and the outsole will be so thick that you cannot feel the ground under your feet.

You are trusting in your parkour free running shoes to grip onto surfaces, and you should use the shoes that offer the greatest amount of grip. You can feel the grip when you walk on a flat floor, but each pair of shoes offers a different amount of grip for your running.

How Should They Fit?

Good shoes for parkour fit just well enough to let you run comfortably. The laces will help keep the shoes on your feet when you jump, and you will feel the shoes get tighter as you lace them.

The shoes cannot fit too tightly, and you will feel blisters forming when you purchase shoes that are too small. Your search for shoes should result in a pair that you feel most comfortable in.

Nike Parkour Shoes

Parkour shoes Nike choices help you feel the highest level of comfort when you are running. The comfort technology included in all Nike shoes helps protect your feet from the hard impact of the ground, and your knees will feel much less shock when you are running in good shoes.
There are several brands to choose from, but Nike offers you far more comfort than any other brand.

Nike started as a running shoe company, and their shoes are perfect for running across the streets. You will enjoy wearing these shoes on runs across the city, and your runs can be extended because of the comfort technology included in the shoes.

Nike is the most obvious choice for your parkour shoes, but there are two other brands that will help you traverse the city.

Ko Parkour Shoes

Ko parkour shoes are excellent for running across city streets, and they are much lighter than other brands. You will enjoy wearing your Ko shoes when you need something much softer on your feet.

You might wear your Ko shoes to school during the day, and they will double as casual shoes you can wear around town. Match your Ko shoes with all your casual clothes, and you can have them on when you are ready to start a run.

K Swiss Parkour Shoes

Shoes from K Swiss are much more substantial than shoes from Nike or Ko. Your K Swiss shoes are a style option that you can wear at any time, and they provide you with the clean white look that you are looking for.

K Swiss makes shoes that have the largest outsoles, and you will enjoy better grip with these shoes. You are trusting in your parkour shoes to keep you safe as you cross the city, and K Swiss provides you more assurance than any other brand.

Trying On The Shoes

You may order your shoes online or in a store, but you must try on each pair of shoes before you make your selection. The shoes must feel perfect when you put them on, and you should keep the shoes on carpet before you make your purchase.

Your shoes will feel much better when you have spent time trying them on, and you may follow the same process online.

Order a few pairs of shoes to try on when you are unsure, and try on each pair of shoes just as you would in the store. You will return the shoes that you do not purchase, and the shoes you choose to keep can become your parkour shoes.

The sampling process helps you select shoes that you can wear for several hundred miles across the city, and you will never feel discomfort as you run.

Finding Value

You must purchase parkour shoes that offer you the best value for your money. One pair of parkour shoes should not be too expensive, but you spend enough money to find the right pair of shoes should be enough to help you find what you need.

Set your own price limit for the shoes you will buy, and determine which shoes fall into that price range.

Nike is the most popular style of parkour shoe on the market, but you have other choices. K Swiss and Ko will help you run across the city just like Nike will, but you will get a different fit from these shoes.

In Conclusion

The shoe selection process will help you run safely across the city, leap up walls and climb surfaces that were not meant for humans to climb. Your parkour runs become more comfortable and safe.

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