The Buyer’s Guide to Cricket Shoes for Players

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Batters and bowlers have very different positions and roles in the game. The bowler is focused on getting the batter out, and because of this both positions have very different needs when buying cricket bowling shoes.

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Knowing the best brands, how to find the right fit, and what are the best shoe options for each position can make your game more productive.

The shoe you choose isn’t going to make you a more talented player, but it can certainly give you that extra boost you need to play at your peak level.

Indoor cricket shoes, boys cricket shoes, and mens cricket shoes are all available and custom-made for your position.

The Parts of the Shoe

A brief overview of the parts of the shoe is necessary for you to understand what you’re looking at when purchasing your own shoe.

The upper, outsole, heel, and midsole each have their own special design, depending on the position of the player.

While some of these differences are subtle, it’s important to pick the shoe that has the components that you need.

The Upper

This part of the shoe is always in contact with your foot.

It is the top part of the shoe, as the name suggests, and wraps entirely around your foot.

It has to be comfortable and flex to your movements. If you’re a bowler, you’re going to want an upper that prevents your foot from moving around when you plant your foot.

But, it also can’t be so tight that it upsets your big toes. If you’re a batter, you need to get a shoe with a flexible but strong upper.

Look for one that offers good protection from yorkers but still allows for free movement.

The Outsole

This is the bottom portion of the shoe that helps you improve your grip.

Batters and bowlers both need strong grip. Kids cricket shoes don’t generally have to be as sturdy as adults shoes.

Consider getting cricket shoes with removable studies, or searching for cricket shoes online to get the best rates and most options.

A bowler needs to be able to plant their foot and know that it won’t slip past the popping crease.

A batter needs to trust that the shoe will grip well while running or when turning and stealing a sneaky.

Look for a shoe with a trusstic across the middle outsole. This gives the show more stability and gripping power.

The Heel

The heel plays a role in ensuring that your foot is comfortable, stays in place, and is free from irritation.

Bowlers and batters both need a shoe with a secure fit. However, a bowler wants to have a shoe that stays in place and helps them plant a solid delivery.

Batters need one that won’t move around as they run between wickets and move around the crease.

Most Asics cricket shoes designed for bowlers have a belt construction that fits around the ankle. This helps keep the shoe in place.

The Midsole

Cricket is a sport that requires you to spend a lot of time, and games often last an entire day.

Every player on the team needs to be able to have a show that doesn’t wear them down and fatigue them.

While all 22 players must deal with this through a combination of training and exercise, the shoe also plays a role.

A midsole that is too tough can wear you down, while one that is too soft can make your play more difficult.

Bowlers need a cushioned midsole, but batters need a midsole that has some bounce to it and lets them move quickly.

Choosing the Best Brands of Cricket Shoes



Adidas cricket shoes tend to offer a mesh upper that allows for great breathability. They offer good support and comfort, and have a midfoot strap that helps add stability and fit.


Nike Cricket Shoes
Nike cricket shoes tend to be lightweight and perfect for batting or fielding positions. Many of them use enhancements like adaptive fit uppers, Lunarian foam midsole cushioning, flexible outsoles and cricket spikes shoes.


Kookaburra cricket shoes tend to have a good selection of junior cricket shoes available, and they are more affordable than some of the other brands. Most of the shoes in this line are uni-sex, and they provide lightweight, durable, and performance-based features.

Selecting The Shoe For You

Mitchell Johnson bowling a deliveryUltimately, you have to select the shoe that matches your needs and interests. If you’re over=pronated, you want a shoe that helps compensate for that.

If you have a wide foot, it’s important to pick a shoe that lets your foot breathe. All of these are considerations that you must go over when selecting a shoe that fits.

Carefully select the right shoe for you, and you’ll be better and more effective at your game no matter your position.

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